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Help TJ, Andie, & Bruce defeat an evil tick villain who is trying to rule the world. 

LymeTV is a 501(c)(3) Public Health nonprofit that is dedicated to reducing the incidence of dangerous tick-borne diseases.  

Maine has the highest incidence of Lyme disease in the United States. Per the 2020 Maine CDC legislative report, less than 50% of confirmed Lyme disease cases in Maine present with a bullseye rash. Rashes are strain-dependent & the most prevalent strains in Maine do not cause a rash, leaving people & doctors to not consider Lyme disease when it is most urgent to treat it in the early stages. There are other dangerous tick diseases in Maine, as well; one transmits in as little as 15 minutes. If not treated properly or early, tick diseases can cause permanent damage & trigger secondary diseases that may not go away after the infections are gone.

Ticks are a public health epidemic & prevention is key to reducing the incidence of dangerous tick-borne infections.

Know the Facts

Ticks are dangerous.

Some of the misconceptions that exist around tick diseases include tick attachment times for disease transmission, prevention practices, & tick removal methods. Our nonprofit provides free tick health education to schools & other organizations. LymeTV is scientifically-focused & offers a variety of programs to reach different demographic groups within our community & beyond.

About Our Program

Recently, LymeTV expanded its Tick Jedi School Health program to include an interactive, fun, & educational cartoon all about ticks. The animation’s screenwriters have written episodes for Disney Channel & Disney/ABC, ensuring an age-appropriate learning experience. 

We are now starting our distribution plan by rolling out the program to schools in Maine during the Spring of 2021, followed by gradual national distribution.

Vital Health Education

Our cartoon engages the audience by allowing them to choose-their-own-path in the story, keeping the attention of viewers & promoting a higher retention rate. We aim to teach students important tick information as a necessary life skill. Our program is browser-based & is easy to access from any device with an Internet connection.

Watch a sample of our program when our Tick Jedis first learn the news of Tick Armageddon.

Our project plan was funded by a grant from the 100+ Women Who Care Southern Maine organization.
LymeTV also presented the project plan & won Top 5 Team in the 2020 Invisible International Hack-A-Thon, winning additional funding for the distribution of the project.

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