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Help TJ, Andie, & Bruce defeat an evil tick villain who is trying to rule the world. 

Tick Jedi Health Education Program

This program offers schools, camps, & youth organizations a free health education course about tick bite prevention.

LymeTV’s cartoon engages the audience by allowing them to choose-their-own-path. The program is browser-based & is easy to access from any device with an Internet connection.

At the end of the program, students will be able to identify tick habitats, explain protective clothing, practice proper daily prevention methods, & know what to do if they get bit by a tick. Watch the trailer & register now.

Know the Facts

Ticks are a public health epidemic & prevention is key to reducing the incidence of dangerous tick-borne infections.

  • Nationwide, there are approximately 500,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year in the United States.
  • Not every case of Lyme disease is caught early because the frequency of the telltale rash varies by region.
  • Rashes are strain-dependent & the most prevalent strains in each region may not cause a rash, leaving people & doctors to not consider Lyme disease when it is most urgent to treat it in the early stages.
  • There are other dangerous tick diseases throughout the country, as well; one transmits in as little as 15 minutes.
  • If not treated properly or early, tick diseases can cause permanent damage & trigger secondary diseases that may not go away after the infections are gone.

Some of the misconceptions that exist around tick diseases include: 

  • tick attachment times for disease transmission
  • prevention practices
  • tick removal methods

About Our Program

LymeTV expanded its Tick Jedi School Health program to include an interactive, fun, & educational cartoon all about ticks. The animation’s screenwriters have written episodes for Disney Channel & Disney/ABC, ensuring an age-appropriate learning experience. The program includes the cartoon, pre & post tests, & fun supplemental workbooks.

LymeTV is a 501(c)(3) Public Health nonprofit that is dedicated to reducing the incidence of dangerous tick-borne diseases.  

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